Double Strollers

It’s Suzy at it again! I have the best stroller solutions to your stroller needs and this time around I’m going to take a look at Double Strollers. No, I’m not talking about slow moving elderly couples, I’m talking about strollers designed for use with twins or a pair of infants of about the same age and size. Let’s get right down to it!

Okay, in the name of science I got a hold of two of my girlfriends who have babies of close to the same age. My kids are too big for toddler strollers now, but I needed some first hand data and that is what I got. Before I spill on the test results, let me tell you about this particular double stroller. It folds easily with one hand and you don’t need to bend down. Where this is really important is when you have one baby in your arm and the other in a snuggly. The storage basket that is included drops down easily and the double stroller for infant and toddler itself is amazing. Designed to comfortably accommodate two children up to 40-pounds each. There are two reclining seats, canopies, foot rests and more. The front swivel wheels can be locked to prevent rolling and they feature suspension for a smooth ride. Add to this a parent’s tray with a pair of deep cup holders and you can be ready for an afternoon of fun in the sun or playground.

  • Double stroller with two seats, individual canopies and foot rests

  • Compatible with Graco SnugRide Click Connect infant car seats

  • Graco stroller with easy one step foldable design for easy storage

I really liked using this double stroller. The two kids I had with me also seemed to like the fact that they had their own seats and didn’t have to share foot rests or canopies. However, after part of an afternoon with them, I was glad to be able to reach the extra deep cup holders as I had a coffee mixed with some ‘special’ ingredients to help me get through the rest of the day surrounded by screaming kids. It worked as I only remember part of the day.

This is being marketed as the “most versatile tandem stroller on the market today” and I can’t argue that fact if I wanted to. This baby jogger features over 16 different combinations ranging from double tiered car seats to a single seat combo with bassinet and pretty much everything else in-between. The double stroller jogger has been designed to accommodate those busy couples who sometimes go from a single child family to a two-child family and the best tandem stroller will grow along with those changes. It even includes a second seat kit so you can virtually mix ‘n’ match as you progress in the family building stage of your life. The seats will hold children up to 45 pounds each and they can be adjusted in an insane amount of configurations. This one comes with patented Quick-Fold Technology and featured a handy hand-operated braking system. The handlebar adjusts and the wheels are big and removable. There’s also storage, a peek-a-boo window and much more.

  • Designed to configure to many different seating combos and positions

  • Large wheeled design makes this a perfect baby jogger stroller

  • Fully adjustable seats, handlebar and wheels are removable

So I asked two gals from the office to help out with this one. Janie was the jogger who took it for the test drive. Beth and I followed in my car as I’m not a jogger by any means. Both Janie and Beth’s daughters were enjoying themselves on the cross town run they were taken on. The extendable sunscreen was used mostly as an umbrella on this trip and the twin baby stroller survived and scored high marks from all of us.

Here’s a double stroller for newborn and toddler that was designed with the future in mind. I’m not talking science fiction future, either. Instead, this stroller has room for extra storage or an additional seat. It can accommodate infants and toddlers up to 37.5-pounds. The extension set, which is sold separately, turns this into a double stroller. There’s also a side luggage basket and an under-the-seat basket and both will hold up to 22-pounds of groceries, diapers, toys, whatever. With the appropriate adaptors, you can also convert the seat into a car seat. It’s a car seat stroller in one! The tires are foam filled and durable and the seat is reversible so you have Junior facing you or facing the front.

  • One-piece construction makes this a self-standing and easy to fold Bugaboo pram

  • Lots of stroller accessories including storage space with two large baskets attached

  • Designed to expand with your family from a single to a double stroller with car seat

What can you say about a double stroller for newborn and toddler that is designed to expand with your family other than, it’s about time someone thought of that! Taking this one to the test was easy and it performed well. I like the single piece construction as that eliminates places where it can breakdown. I’m a fan of the one-handed folding system and the two kids who were my test subjects seemed to enjoy the ride even when it got a bit rough when I took a wrong turn because I wasn’t paying attention. That’ll teach me for trying to talk on my cellphone and take a double stroller for infant and toddler on a walk in the neighbourhood.

Double strollers are specifically designed for use with two children. If your family has twins or a couple of toddlers who are close in age, you’ll get a lot of use out of any of these three double strollers. I’m Suzy and my goal is to solve your stroller issues with stroller solutions. Hopefully I did that for you today by showing you what’s the best stroller for a toddler.