Quad Strollers

It’s Suzy again with a look at Quad Strollers. My aim is to give you the information you need to produce a lightweight stroller solution to your tandem stroller issue. Getting around to test driving the Quad Strollers on this list was a bit tricky. My younger son, Jack, is just about too old for a baby stroller so I enlisted the help of two girls from work. Janie and Beth each have a daughter a bit younger than Jack. Janie also has a son Jack’s age so we had our official testers. Gummy bears kept them interested in helping while Janie served the adults some of her special ‘Mommie juice’ that came in handy near the end of the day. Anyway, here are the strollers we tested.

Featuring rubberized foam wheels for shock-absorbance, this multi-child quad stroller is well designed and durable. The lightweight frame easily folds for storage or transport. The seats feature adjustable five-point harnesses to accommodate children up to 40-pounds per seat. There are storage baskets on board to carry diapers, toys or extra bottles of that special “Mommie’s juice’ for the parents. The ergonomically-designed handle offers ease of movement and there is a mesh window for visibility. A canopy provides UV protection. The manufacturer has attached a limited 1-year warranty to this lightweight stroller.

  • Designed to hold four children up to 40-pounds each

  • Lightweight frame easily folds for storage or transport

  • There is plenty of on board storage with baskets to hold groceries, diapers and whatever

The test we took this baby stroller on was fantastic. Or at least that’s about all I remember of it thanks to Janie’s wacky idea of a ‘beverage’ designed to keep us alert through the entire ordeal. Actually, there was no ordeal, according to Beth’s notes. The kids had fun, the stroll to the nieghbourhood park went smoothly and apparently I made a couple of new friends out of the collection of single dads who were also at the park. Damn you, Janie!

  • Lightweight construction that is easy to fold for storage and transport

  • All-terrain tires provide a comfortable ride on any surface

  • Features a no-roll, comfort grip braking system

Again, I encouraged the same four children and two adults to assist with a road test of this quad stroller. I liked a lot about it including the ample storage and the all-terrain tires. Beth was impressed with the no-roll comfort grip braking system. Actually, we all liked that but Beth – the only single mom in the group – found a way to manipulate her lack of understanding on what the words ‘comfort grip’ actually meant and scored a date somewhere between home and the neighbourhood playground. At the very least it could result in the introduction of more playmates for the kids we dragged along with us. Is this a good stroller? Yes, it is.

Have you ever really looked at how big one of these multi-child strollers actually is? This particular one employs stadium seating so all four infants (up to 40-pounds each) sits in a row from front to back. This makes for a long stroller but it is also a narrow stroller. All seats have a five-point harness and recline. The wheels are made of shock-absorbing rubberized foam and provide a comfortable ride. There’s a safe-brake system, easy to maneuver steering and a canopy for sun protection. The manufacturer has added a 1-year warranty as well.

  • Multi-child quad stroller features in-line seating for four children

  • Comes complete with a safe-brake braking system

  • Easy clean fabric and extra-large storage baskets

Once again I had my motley crew of helpers with me on this one. Well, minus Beth who was on a lunch date with a guy she met the other day during our last test drive. She did kindly allow us to include her daughter Cynthia in the multi-child tandem stroller test. Overall this particular baby stroller did really well in all the things we threw at it, which also included some dirt to see if the fabric was as easy to clean as the manufacturer has stated (it was). The safe braking system is one of the best features as is the five-point harness in each seat. Would we recommend this stroller? It is on our list of our three most favourite, so yes we would.


Well, I got through the Quad Strollers. It sounded like a huge task but I knew that the data we collected would be useful to someone and I hope that happens to be you. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my son, a couple of my co-workers and their children. My goal is to find the best baby stroller solutions to your quad stroller issues and that normally brings young families together. I hope that these reviews have done that for you and your family!