Choosing The Right Jogging Stroller For Baby

Choosing the right Jogging Stroller for baby

One of my friends was talking with me about her concerns recently… here’s her story! 

I want to get back in shape after giving birth to my baby.

I always wanted to get back in shape right after I gave birth from my 4th baby. It has been a struggle for me to lose weight and I have to act on it, the sooner the better. My baby just turned 4 months and I’m ready to start my exercise routine but need my baby to tag along with me.  

 My mom advised me to buy a jogging stroller. Jogging stroller? How does it differ from the other strollers? Is it safe to use a jogging stroller for my 4-month-old baby? I’m not sure how it works, like squeezing your workout in while taking care of your baby. That sounds fun,  but still in doubt of how I can do both at the same time. 

 According to my friends, before I do that, I need to do some research, get advice, then get the right equipment to use for my baby’s safety and comfort. 

Things to consider before buying a Jogging Stroller

Here are the things I found that need to be considered before deciding to buy a jogging stroller: 

  • Don’t just buy a regular ‘jogging stroller.’ Choose a sport-specific ride that is really intended for jogging and has a better feature that will minimize the movement or bouncing of your baby while lying or sitting in the stroller. Usually a jogging stroller has large tires and adjustable shocks and may also include a handbrake and a wrist strap to secure your baby while you’re on the run. 

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller 


  • Weighs just 26 lbs 
  • Locking and swiveling front tires 
  • Extra-large air-filled tires for a smooth ride 
  • Super easy one-handed fold.
  • Use it with your car seat with optional adapter.
  • From 3 months to 75 lbs.
  • Includes parent organizer .
  • Includes air pump.
  • Right time. Make sure your baby is ready to go with you and it is necessary that you have the approval from your doctor. Normally, the baby can ride in a stroller comfortably when they’re 6-8 months. If you’re too excited and want to start early, then find a stroller with a compatible infant car seat on it.  
  • Be careful. Make sure that before you start, everything in your baby’s stroller is already set up. The baby should be buckled in, lock the front wheel forward, and if there’s a wrist strap, put it on. And don’t forget the parking brake in case you need to stop longer. 
  • Use proper clothing for baby. Consider the weather in choosing the right attire for your baby and consider baby’s safety and comfort while you’re doing your workout. 

  ChalkTalkSPORTS Running Baby & Infant Onesie 


  • Made from 100% polyester microfiber. 
  • Popular and fun design. 
  • Comfy and stylish. 
  • It’s not intended to be used as a sleepwear.
  • Plan ahead of time. It is always good that you plan your jogging  time according to your baby’s mood.  There are some instances that baby is good to bring with you on your workout when they are not hungryBaby will be content to come along for the ride! 

These points are simple guide in choosing the perfect jogging stroller for your baby. Keep this list with you. I’m sure you will be needing this once you’re up to running again after your pregnancy and birth of your baby. 

How to find a Safer Stroller for Babies

How to find a Safer Stroller for Babies

What are some important factors to consider when buying a baby stroller?

Safety is one of the factors that parents should consider in choosing the right stroller for their babies. It should not be taken for granted or else baby’s life will be put at risk. To ensure that you have given attention to this important part, here are some of the things that parents need to consider in buying the right stroller for their little ones. 

First, know your location. If you’re living in a city, you might be needing a sturdy and easy to maneuver stroller to walk along sidewalks. Choosing an easy to fold one, a light-weight stroller or an easy to maintain stroller might also add to considerations in your buying decisions. 

 Summer 3dlite Convenience Stroller  

Second, your family. If you only have one child and wish to have another baby, find a durable and quality stroller that will definitely give value to every penny spent. In case you have a toddler and they’re not ready yet to leave the stroller just yet, consider buying a double stroller and make sure you have read the weight guidelines too.  

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller 


Third, the lifestyle. In choosing the perfect stroller for your baby, thinking about your lifestyle first will help narrow down your options. For example, if you’re more of a sporty type and you always go for a jog every day as part of your daily routine, consider buying a jogging stroller. If you are always on the go, buying an umbrella stroller or lightweight stroller will be something to include in your list.  

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller 

Finally, the accessories. When buying a stroller, looking at the accessory inclusions will be helpful in finding the stroller that fits your baby’s needs. You may ask the seller directly if the stroller has a storage basket, rain cover, blanket or shade cover included as these might be the kinds of stroller accessories you also need to ensure baby’s full protection. 

Evenflo Folio Travel System 


Other factors to consider when buying a baby stroller.

Those are the basic factors that we need to consider every time we are purchasing a stroller and want to make it the right stroller. Aside from this, there are also other factors that you might want to consider looking at too. 

  • Choosing a stroller for a newborn baby. Make sure that the stroller has reclining positions, since newborns need full support to sit and hold them up. 
  • Know more about Travel Systems. If you have a car this will be convenient for you to move your baby from the car seat to the stroller and vice versa. 
  • Baby having special needs. If the baby is premature or has other health concerns, buying a bigger stroller with huge storage that can carry oxygen or other baby needs will also need to be added in your list. 

Being careful and cautious in your baby’s safety is priceless. You just need to know the ideal stroller for your baby by understanding their needs and considering your family’s lifestyle. 

The 3 Best All-Terrain Strollers of my Choice

Finding an all-terrain stroller that can help you move around and should be durable, heavy-duty and safe to use is a must-have. If you are living in an area that hasn’t got smooth roads or paths, usually the best stroller  advised by the experts is an All-Terrain Stroller. 

 What is an all-terrain stroller to begin with? It is a typical three-wheeled stroller with larger, air-filled tires, and are intended to be used on a variety of surfaces, including mall floors, pavement, grass, or “off-road.”  Many parents find it a struggle when they have to take their baby out in the stroller when the surface is difficult to push the stroller over.  

 To help parents, we have done some research and found a few strollers that have stood out to us as a good choice. 

Here are some strollers for parents who are always on the go: 

BOB Revolution FLEX 3.0 Jogging Stroller & FLEX Duallie Strollers 

  • It can be used as a jogging stroller and an all-terrain stroller. 
  • It has a front-wheel that is easy to swivel and lock. 
  • It has a 9-position handlebar suitable for parents with no height limits. 
  • It is fit for newborns to 8 weeks of age. Just use a car seat adapter to hold the baby for safety. 
  • Its extra features include extra pockets on the sides and back, four canopy positions & huge storage basket. 
  • The best feature is it’s being slim, light, and safe with a water-repellent fabric used. 

For more B.O.B. Strollers and Accessories, click here to see more great options 

  • It can be used as a jogging stroller and a terrain stroller. 
  • Good for older babies & toddlers. 
  • It’s suitable for babies age 6 months above. 
  • It’s quite bulky. 
  • Extra features include rubber tires, suspension, large canopy, and four handle positions. 
  • The front swivel wheel and handbrake lock easily. 
  • Compatible with Chicco’s KeyFit and KeyFit 30 car seats. 
  • Water-repellent fabric. 

For more Chicco Strollers and Accessories, click here to see more great options 

  • Both can be used as jogging and terrain stroller. 
  • Front swivel wheel locks easily. 
  • Provides wrist-strap for jogging. 
  • Suitable for newborn babies. 
  • It has a large storage basket. 
  • Water-repellent fabric and has inner pockets on the sides. 

For more B.O.B Strollers and Accessories, click here to see more great options 

When you choose the right stroller, make sure that you list the things you wanted and needed for a stroller to have. This will narrow down your options and helps you with your buying decision. Find the perfect stroller that will fit your lifestyle and suitable for your baby too. 


Stroller Buying Guide

Stroller Buying Guide

Nowadays, babies have various needs that sometimes we consider as costly because most of these things are really pricey whether you choose to buy it online or in stores directly. One of the basic needs of a baby is a stroller. When buying a stroller, you should consider a few factors, such as where will you most likely use the stroller, do you have a place to store the baby stroller, how long do you want it to last, does it fit your budget, and how many babies are going to use the stroller? These are the usual questions we ask ourselves before we decide to buy. It’s always reasonable to prepare a checklist first in looking for the types of stroller that you really need and fits your family’s lifestyle.

How to choose the right stroller for your baby?

Different Types Of Strollers

  • Know first the different types of strollers and take note of the top features and downsides. Some examples to choose from:

Full Sized Strollers


Invest In A Quality Stroller –

Finding a stroller that will last longer is something to be considered. Trying out your top choices and brands that have a long-term value will help in narrowing down your options.

  • Budget v’s Value Strollers

    – Finding a stroller that is not pricey is fine, just make sure that the quality of the stroller you’re buying is not at stake.

  • Newborn-Friendly Strollers

    – Make sure to check that the stroller can carry a newborn and it has the support it needs for the baby to be safe and comfortable.

  • Safe and Comfortable Strollers

    – Parents must be very particular in finding a stroller that is secure and at the same time comfy for the baby wherever you will go.

  • Easy To Use Strollers

    – It’s always an advantage that before buying the stroller, make sure that you do a test drive to see if it can be easily manoeuvred, if it’s heavy or not, if it’s easy enough for you to fold or check if it works on uneven sidewalks or hilly terrain.

  • Do You Need Multiple Strollers?

    – If you are a busy family with lots of activities in your daily routine, you might consider getting 2 strollers for different purposes. You may consider buying an lightweight or umbrella type stroller and a basic full-sized stroller at the same time.

Finding the right stroller for your baby really takes time and requires more information and good research. It’s always advisable to know what you’re getting first before buying it. If it is possible to test drive your options, then do so. If not, reviews are a great way to help you make a decision. We, as parents need to make the best decisions we can, or the best-informed decisions when buying strollers for our babies.