Travel Systems

Travel Systems

Hey there! It’s Suzy again and this time we will look at Travel Systems. Travel Systems are pretty cool. You load up your kids and you go. It’s a package deal that includes a car seat that easily converts to a stroller when you snap it into the frame. Essentially you have two seats for the price of one and a half. To properly test these we used a co-worker who is in fact a working mom and a jogger. Actually, Jamie is a marathoner so she’s kinda hardcore. Her daughter, Mindy was the actual test subject. We tested the following three baby stroller Travel Systems.

This is sort of what I would consider the Cadillac of the bunch. It features a lightning fast ‘Click Connect’ technology that allows you to securely attach an infant car seat to the stroller. You basically can snap ‘n’ go. It’s a baby stroller with car seat. The stroller has a one handed folding system that collapses in a single second so if you are in a hurry you can get ‘er done in a flash. When the seat is in the Graco stroller it can recline into many different positions and the wheels have suspension for a smooth ride with the front ones that lock for safety. There’s an extra large basket for cargo, parent’s tray with two cup holders, a child’s tray with a cup holder, a canopy and peek-a-boo window. It will hold children up to 50-pounds.

  • Lightweight stroller, quick to attach car seat or fold for storage

  • Smooth ride suspension with front wheels that lock

  • Many stroller accessories that turn this into an amazing infant travel system

Our test drive of this unit happened on a day when Janie was not feeling well and as a result there were a few curse words tossed about as she struggled to attach the car seat to the lightweight stroller. Once I showed her how to do it, it went much better. Mindy seemed to enjoy the entire episode unfolding in front of her as Janie went off on a jog with an empty stroller leaving me with her little girl in my arms. Otherwise, I like the ease of use and all the extras that come with this system.

This Graco stroller travel system is a lot like the one I reviewed above as it comes from the same manufacturer. Similarities include the one-second folding of the stroller that can easily be accomplished with one hand and the fast ‘Click Connect’ attachment system. You can take the compatible car seat and snap it into the stroller in a single motion. It’s a car seat stroller in one! The tires on this particular model are air-filled which make this a much better choice for jogging moms (hint, hint, Janie). A suspension system offers a smooth ride on any terrain. The front swivel wheel locks for jogging and unlocks for regular maneuverability. The seat is described as ‘deluxe’ as it features padding and can be positioned in many different reclining levels.

  • Easy Click Connect attachment system converts car seat to stroller in a second

  • One-hand, one-second folding for storage and transport

  • Air-filled tires for comfort and turns this into a perfect jogging companion

Our test on this model went very well for a number of reasons. We picked a beautiful sunny day to do it, Mindy was in a playful mood, the neighbourhood was quiet and streets were open for a lengthy jog and Janie wasn’t in such a bad mood. The stroller performed extremely well over the 5-kilometre run Janie took it on. Mindy was sleeping by the time it was over. I followed behind in my car and noted how smooth the stroller travelled over sidewalks, roadways and trails. In all, a very good choice for an active mom (or dad).

This Chicco bravo trio travel system is what I would say is designed more for a girl than a boy. I say that simply because of the colours used in the fabric. It features a woven jacquard with a polka dot pattern that has grey and pink accents. Okay, maybe it’ll work for a boy, but maybe not. The baby stroller has a removable seat that can be transformed into a KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, which is the compatible seat. The design of the stroller provides a quick, one-handed fold where the wheels will automatically position themselves for easy storage and transport. In fact, when folded, this stroller is self-standing. There’s a parent tray, storage, cup holders and other great extras for you and your child. This stroller is designed to hold children up to 50 pounds.

  • Easily converts from a car seat to a stroller and vice versa

  • Designed for one-handed folding for quick storage or transport

  • Includes a parent tray with several stroller accessories for both you and your child

There isn’t a lot I can say about this Chicco Travel System I haven’t already said about the other ones featured here. Except this one may be better for your daughter than son only because of the colour choice. Otherwise, the stroller operated well and went through our testing easily. Janie can now fold a baby stroller with one hand and that was a huge accomplishment for her. I know that if I have another baby, I’ll be looking at adding baby Travel Systems to our collection of baby gear but I’m not really hoping that’ll happen – if you know what I mean. We all gave this one two thumbs up.


Wasn’t that fun? Well, you now have a better idea on what are the best travel system strollers out there. My name is Suzy and I hope the reviews here have been of some help to you. My plan is to make it easier on young families by presenting you with baby stroller solutions to your stroller issues. Thanks for reading and enjoy a day outdoors with your child today!