Triple Strollers

Greetings! It’s Suzy here with a look at Triple Strollers. I have an interest in making families enjoy time together and if your family includes a number of little ones, I may have the lightweight stroller solution to your stroller issue right here. Let’s take a look at three of my fave top rated strollers.

For a moment there I thought the manufacturer was talking about me, but in actual fact I do NOT have a big caboose. However, the name of this product sort of describes it. There are two front seats which are ideal for children 6-months of age and older up to 40-pounds. With car seat adapters you can get younger infants inside. Plus, there’s a rear bench seat and standing platform that can hold an older child of 2 ½ years and older up to 45-pounds. In other words, if you have twins and a toddler, triplets or three children who are close in age you can fit ‘em all aboard this stroller. There’s all-wheel suspension, a linked parking brake and narrow design so it’ll go through doorways with ease. The seats and foot rests are adjustable and there are two child trays.

  • Designed with two front seats and a rear bench seat and standing platform

  • Narrow width permits ease of movement through doorways and other passages

  • Strong and sturdy construction from polyester material

This unit performed rather well when I took it for a spin. I loaded it up with two kids from girls I know at work and my younger son ‘played’ the role of the oldest child riding in the back and hopping up and down on the standing platform. The triple stroller provided a smooth ride for all occupants and was easy to navigate through narrow hallways even with Jack jumping up and down.

Made with a unique frame, this lightweight stroller is easy to fold for storage as it doesn’t take up much room. However, when open it has front and back seats that can hold children up to 40-pounds per seat. Plus, each seat is adjustable and recline. The heavy-duty rubberized foam wheels provide a smooth ride while absorbing shocks from rough terrain. The handle has an ergonomic design which makes the stroller even easier to maneuver. There’s also a canopy which doubles as a rain cover or a sun shade. It is quite simply a great stroller for up to three children and they don’t have to be triplets to all fit comfortably in the seating available.

  • Lightweight stroller frame with easy to fold design for storage

  • Front and back seats will hold children up to 40-pounds per seat

  • Heavy-duty rubberized wheels permit smooth rides while providing shock absorption

I can’t say enough about how much I liked how this triple stroller performed. I had my youngest son, Jack paired up with the daughters of two of the girls I work with. The trio was taken on an afternoon trip around the neighbourhood which included a stop at a local playground. The ride was smooth and so comfy that Jack ended up napping in the back seat. The girls were too busy sightseeing to notice. Everyone had fun and got home safely. In all, a great triple stroller.

The manufacturer of this product promotes it as being a “multi-child stroller” and as clinical as that may sound, it is an accurate description of the item. It has a unique design which allows for the frame to be folded easily and quickly to provide simple storage or transport. This triple stroller is one of the best baby strollers as it is equipped with a safe braking system that automatically engages when the handle is released. This keeps the stroller from rolling away when not under control. The width of the stroller was carefully considered as it has what is known as ‘through the door’ sizing. In other words, the baby stroller is wide enough to fit through normal doorways without problem. The seating in in-line so all three children have the same visibility and allow parents equal visibility of each child. The steering is easy to operate, there’s a sun protective canopy and the triple stroller will hold three children up to 40-pounds each. The manufacturer has attached a 1-year warranty to this product.

  • This is exactly as promoted, a multi-child baby stroller

  • Features a safe braking system that engages when the handle is released

  • Three children sit ‘stadium style’ in front of one another in the pram

I have to admit that the best feature as far as I’m concerned about the design of this triple stroller is the seating arrangement. They call it ‘stadium seating’ and that basically translates to mean three kids sitting in a row from front to back. The trio I took on a trip around the neighbourhood in this tandem stroller enjoyed being seated in this manner with each other. I found the baby stroller performed well on various surfaces and I actually tried the safe braking mechanism. While I did ‘push’ the loaded stroller into the roadway, the street was empty at the time and the stroller stopped immediately after I released the handle. That scored high in my books as the top safety feature.


There you have it – my top three triple stroller reviews featuring my top rated strollers. My name is Suzy and my goal is to help young families enjoy time together and one way to do that is with a multi-child triple stroller. I like to think I have lightweight stroller solutions to your baby stroller problems. Until next time, keep pushing your kids around!